Beautiful Pictures

My rendition of the Tree of Life!

good times at vero bowl!
beautiful mother earth

sunset on the way home!
Ducks visiting us at school

 Thank you to those that have served, and fought for us to be "Free"

My ankh

My Grandma
Beautiful beach!

An air orchid living off of a tree!
My lil teddy baby!

My baby at the park!
My back tattoos!

Kindred Spirits

Yours Truly!
Pagan Proud!

Proud Pagan Mommy!
Grounding Tattoos

Dream to Achieve!

Pagan Sisters
Witch of Oz
Beautiful Day outside!
I definitely want to try this pattern!
beautiful triquetra
Fairy Garden
Wiccan Rede

My bunny
Yin Yang Dragons

Element Scene
Elemental Circle

Elemental promise


Kriztofer-Aiden decorating the tree!

My chakra/meditation/enlightenment tattoo!

My big boy!

My Disney tattoo!

Decorating for Yule!


  1. The Triquetra on your web page is owned by someone.. you might want to take it off your site.

    here: the owner of the Triquetra


    1. I'm not claiming to own the rights to any of the pictures I found on google images, the page is called "beautiful pictures" because they're just that, pictures that I think are beautiful. But thank you for your concern. Blessed be.