Thursday, July 12, 2012

First Ready-to-Ship Album Posted on Facebook!

So excited about Krochet Me Krazy with Khrystal and Stephanie! Our first album is posted on The Pagan Mommy's Facebook page! Here are the items listed for now, will be adding more as they get made, and will be adding blankets soon! If you would like to order any of the listed items please email me at, or send me a Facebook message at!

Right now ALL items come with FREE SHIPPING with purchase!

                              The Full Bunch so far, minus the blankets!
                                                                                 One Size Fits All Fall Scarf $20
                                6-12 Months Denim-Colored Hat THIN $10

Preemie Hat THIN $5

Preemie-Newborn Baby Camo Hat THIN $5
                                           1-4 Years Old Child's Fall Hat THIN $15
                           One Size Fits All Camo Scarf $20
 6 Months-2 Years Multicolored Hat THIN $10
              Multicolored Newborn Hat With Band THICK $10
                                             Teen-Adult "Ice Cream" Hat THIN $15
Teen-Adult "Cotton Candy" Hat double thickness $20
Newborn-6 Months Hat THICK $10

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