Friday, July 6, 2012

Weekend Shout-Out!

Hey Ya'll, so I'm on cue this week Woohoo! I hope you all enjoy this week's weekend shout-out!

Favorite Sites of the week:
       First on the list this week is! This site is a giveaway host's best friend! You can input all of the giveaway information into a very simple form, and viola! You have a giveaway! You can even moderate the giveaway by viewing entries to see who is doing what entries on the giveaway, and at the end of the giveaway, you just click "pick winner" and Rafflecopter uses to choose the winner! It's a great site, I love using it, and almost every other blogger I know uses it for their giveaways!

      Next site of the week is! This site is an amazing way to get noticed by other people and bloggers alike, and to find other blogs as well. If you are a mommy and dedicated blogger, you fill out an application and if your blog is accepted then people can vote for you in different categories, depending on which one your blog falls under. Once you are accepted ranking starts, and the more votes you get, the higher your ranking becomes! I am on this site, so if you get a minute, please head on over and vote for my blog!

     Last but certainly not least,! This is a great site if you are a review blogger and like offering your opinion on different products! If you are a part of the site, you receive emails occasionally to either fill out surveys are enroll in programs. If you are chosen to enroll in a program, than you receive the product to try and write a review on the site. I personally like the site because I get to add reviews on my blog as well as on the site!

Favorite Blogs of the week:
      First blog of the week is Sampler Village! This blog is a get-together blog for small business owners and samplers alike. The business owners send out samples of their items to Sampler Village and they go out to guests that pay for Sampler Boxes, which are full of different samples every month. This blog is meant to boost clientele as well as fan count for business, and on the guest end, they get awesome boxes filled with handmade goodies!

     Next blog for this week is Ask Away! This is an advice blog, and man does she give great tips and advice, on anything from pets to fashion! She has an array of topics she discusses in her blog, and if you need advice, you can fill out a form with your questions and she will answer them personally! She also hosts a bunch of awesome giveaways, and she even does shout outs to other blogs! This is an awesome blog for everyone who is looking for advice or just looking to have a good time browsing a blog!

     Last blog of the week but certainly not least of course, is Mama of 3 Munchkins! This blog is an amazing Mommy Blog that offer all sorts of information for the everyday mama, she also does different giveaways, and helps fellow bloggers with her "Blogger Resources" tab. Among the tabs she has Giveaways, Freebies, and Reviews, she even has a Recipes tab for homemade goodies! Her most current blog post talks about fun in the sun for summer, which talks about an obstacle course for the kiddos! Check her out, she has so much going on all the time!

Well that's all for this week's shout-outs, and as always Keep it Magickal and Blessed Be!

Disclaimer: This entities are not promoting me in any way, I do these posts at my own discretion.

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