Saturday, June 9, 2012

THiNQ All-Natural Energy Drink Review!

  So I had the pleasure of trying THiNQ. It's an all-natural sparkling energy drink that comes in two flavors, Mixed Berry and Citricity, and is meant to improve Focus, Energy, Mood, and Stamina. Here is the product description from the THiNQ website:


THiNQ™ is a deliciously refreshing, all-natural beverage
intelligently designed to work with your body on a cellular
level to awaken your mind, energize your body, 
and exhilarate your spirit.
It's smart, wholesome and contains no artificial anything!"

About the bottle: 
The bottle that you find on store shelves is reusable, and Eco-Friendly, meaning the bottle is composed of 100% recycled materials.

About the ingredients (From the Thinq Website):
Stevia (Rebiana) Stevia is quickly becoming one of today’s most coveted, all-natural sweeteners.  Used for hundreds of years by the Native Americans in Paraguay, stevia is much sweeter in taste than sugar yet with none of the calories.  We use Rebiana, also known as Reb-A, which is the purest, sweetest part of the stevia plant.
Pure Cane Sugar Pure cane sugar is considered a natural sugar, and is much healthier than artificial sweeteners. It adds just the right sweetness to enhance the desirable fruity notes of the natural flavors and fully rounds out the taste of the stevia.

Other Ingredients and their effects:
SAM-e: Multiple clinical trials have indicated that taking SAM on a regular basis may help fight depression, liver disease, and the pain of osteoarthritis.
Calcium: An important component of a healthy diet and a mineral necessary for life. Calcium plays an important role in building strong, dense bones in early life, and keeping bones healthy in later life.
Magnesium: A vital component of a healthy human diet, low levels of magnesium in the body has been associated with the development of a number of human illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, and osteoporosis.
Vitamin D: Helps fight low bone density, has a protective effect against multiple sclerosis, and helps bolster your immune system.
Sodium: An essential nutrient that regulates blood volume, and blood pressure. It is also important in neuron function and osmoregulation between cells.
Potassium: Necessary for the function of all living cells. Potassium ion diffusion is a key mechanism in nerve transmission.
Vitamin B3: One of the forty to eighty essential human nutrients! Increases the levels of HDL in the blood and has been found to decrease the risk of cardiovascular issues.
Vitamin B6: Acts as a coenzyme to many other enzymes in the body that are involved metabolism.
Vitamin B12: Plays a key role in the normal functions of the brain and nervous system.
Açaí Extract: An antioxidant activity, that can help prevent heart disease and cancer.
CoQ10: Helps convert fats and sugars to energy, and is a very powerful antioxidant.
Ginkgo Biloba: Enhances memory and concentration.
L-Tyrosine: An amino acid that helps relieve symptoms of stress and fatigue.
Alpha-GPC: Enhances memory and cognition.
Pure Cane Sugar: The original natural sweetener that contains a number of essential nutrients and minerals that refined and white sugars do not.
GABA: An amino acid that acts as a neurotransmitter to support brain processes.
Vinpocetine: Enhances cerebral blood-flow.
Suma: Increases oxygenation and energy efficiency at the cellular level, which supports hormonal balance, reduces inflammation, enhances immunity, increase libido, and provides a number of normalizing and rejuvenating effects.

My Experience with THiNQ:
 I had the opportunity to try both flavors in THiNQ, and I must say, though they both were delicious, I personally enjoyed the Mixed Berry flavor the most. It tastes like a combination of Acai, Blueberry, Strawberry, and Pomegranate juice, but in carbonated form. Citricity tastes exactly like you would expect it to when you read the bottle. It's a citrus blend of tangerine (kind of like Orange juice), and I tasted a hint of pineapple and lemon as well. Though I didn't particularly enjoy the flavor carbonated, I had my father try one, and he on the other hand enjoyed it more than the Mixed Berry. So when it comes to the flavors, I think it's more about what you enjoy personally, and they taste best when chilled.
   I drank the drinks two to three times a day, as they are meant for an active lifestyle, such as my own. The drinks tasted great cold, so every night I put a couple cans in the fridge, then drink them throughout the day. With THiNQ, I was able to go about my daily routine without feeling tired, even into the evening. It wasn't an unhealthy, jittery energy though, it was a relaxing energy, that allowed me to keep up with my two year old son and not have to take a break every 10 minutes from him wearing me out. 
   One of the other things I enjoyed about this drink is the sleek, thin shape of the can itself. I can easily fit it into my bag when I'm on the go, and it doesn't take up much space at all.  

  Overall, I had a great experience with the THiNQ energy drink! I kept me energized, yet calm, Focused and Alert all day, and best of all, no drowsiness and no crash!
So, drink THiNQ, it's healthy for you, all natural, and it's soda and juice combined. Who could ask for more in an energy drink!
Head over to your local market or and order yours today!!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing, I am also a big fan of thinq mixed berry. I'm trying to eat better and stumbled across thinq almost on accident. It's amazing how many vitamins and nutrients are packed into that little canned energy drink, I dont think I realized it until I read your post.

    1. Thats awesome! And thats my goal, to inform my readers about a great product. And being an avid energy drink drinker, thinq is now my healthy alternative to energy drinks, and my new go to drink!

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