Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weekend Shout-Out

I have renamed Shout-Out Fridays to The Weekend Shout-Out, since I haven't been able to keep up with the blog every Friday! Sorry about my lack of posts lately, but with the crochet business starting up, plus working on more reviews and giveaways, on top of being a full-time mommy and college student, it's been real crazy in the Johnson house! Anyways, to get to our faves of the week.

Favorite Sites:
    First we have! They not only have great deals on their site ALWAYS, but they also keep their fans updated with giveaways and sales, as well as offers from various other sites! They have other tabs such as Dr Oz Says, which is an advice tab on gaining information from the great Dr Oz for different ailments, losing weight, and staying healthy overall. Another tab is their Earn Money at Home tab, which gives info on obviously, working at home! It's a great site, they are also on Facebook and Twitter, which they keep updated a dozen times a day with all sorts of new goodies!

   Next up is! It's a daily $50,000 giveaway site, who doesn't love the chance to win $50,000?! On top of that they have Instant Win Games, where you can win various prizes, as well as a point system for a rewards catalog, where you gain points by completing offers, going through the website and doing different tasks, and even by playing games! It's a great site to go to when you're bored, and you want to pass the time by making your way to earning free stuff!

   Last but certainly not least is Tracie's Giveaway Finds on Facebook! This page is run by an awesome woman, how despite all she goes through in her daily life, she still finds the time to manage her page and share dozens of giveaways with her fans. She hosts a big giveaway every month to help other people/businesses get noticed, and in turn, they give away things from their business, anywhere from full size items, to percentages off orders, sometimes they do both! It's a great page for networking, and if you want some assistance with having your business get notices, head on over to her page, her July giveaway is going to be open soon and she is accepting sponsors NOW!

Favorite Blogs:
    First on the list this week is Pink Clouds! She celebrates everything Pink and Girly! I love going to this blog because she always has aa ton of giveaways going on, and being a woman and a mommy, it's a go-to blog if you want to enter in for some yummy girly goodies! You can enter in for anything from lipstick to nail polish, from lotion to body wash and shower gel (her current giveaway)! My favorite tab is the Shop With Me tab, where she posts different things she buys and shares her experiences with them, a very fun read! She is on Facebook as well, and she posts her giveaways there too!

   Next up is my younger sister's blog Love Me Tender! Yes, I have posted it here before, but I'm posting it again because now it's better than ever! Her mission is to help and educate moms on breastfeeding, highlighting the benefits for mommy and baby, as she is a mother of two, one of her munchkins currently being breastfed. She's trying to do something really good, and I applaud her every day for it. She also talks about other blogs and sites as well, and about what goes on in her daily life, as every blogger does! She is also on Facebook and Twitter, though she is just getting started, but doing great nonetheless!

  Our last blog of the week is The Country Cook! This is my new favorite blog, and it's just delicious! She is a southern woman who knows her way around a kitchen, and makes it easy for those who love to cook, or aspire to be cooks, to make some delicious dishes! I personally have fallen in love with her delicious, out of this world Poke Cake recipes! I have tried almost every one of them, and they are the easiest things to make! So, head on over to The Country Cook, and see what she's cookin' up today!

Well, that's all for this week's shout-outs! Until next time, keep it magickal!

~*~Blessed Be~*~

Disclaimer: In no way is this blog endorsed by any of the above named entities. These posts are made by my decision alone.


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