Thursday, May 24, 2012

Uppity Up!

I am so excited to say that soon I will be working with Tommee Tippee and doing my first review and giveaway! On top of that, everything is getting better for my entire family! I finally have the supplies I need to start my crochet business, so I will be able to continue to be a SAHM and remain in school to get my AA! To add the cherry on top, my friend's business is starting to develop, so we will soon be in Virginia, where we've dreamed of being for the past year! Everything is coming together so perfectly, and I can partly blame that on letting go of the past, but mostly on having continuous faith and believing in my rituals, and sending out positive energy to the universe to make this all possible! Well, I'm going to start on my newest patterns, and I will start posting them here, and on Facebook and Twitter once I get a few going. I'm so excited that you all can be a part of this wonderful change in our lives, Spring has finally brought upon our renewal and melted away the harsh bite of winter! Blessed Be, and Keep it Magickal!

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