Friday, May 18, 2012

So I came up with this idea, that every Friday I will do a post directed towards different blogs and sites that I've viewed throughout the week and found interesting. This will be the first of those posts, thus deeming this the official inauguration of Shout-Out Fridays!
I'll start of with websites, then i'll go to blogs.

First, we have! This site is designed for "influential" individuals, those who enjoy trying products then reviewing them online. So you sign up with this site, gain badges towards things you are knowledgeable in, like if you're a student, they have the "VoxUni" Badge, or if you're a blogger, they have the "Blogger" badge, and so forth. If you have a badge that coincides with their upcoming campaign, you receive a "VoxBox" filled with those items accordingly. Super awesome site if you enjoy products and reviews, plus a ton of perks to certain badges!

Next, is They are a survey site with extra perks! You can take surveys and gain points towards gift cards and other goodies, and they also have a testing page, that has a new product every month that if you qualify, you get the product mailed to your home for you to test and review. Lastly, they have this fun little toolbar at the top of the "Rewards" section, called Gifties, where you can put your points towards these little icons, and if they have a star next to the picture, you get a chance at a "Real" giftie!

Last site for this week, is.......The one and only! This site is amazing! I've just started this blog a few weeks ago, and I couldn't be happier with this masterpiece that Google has here! If you enjoy being expressive, whether it be in arts and crafts, couponing, helping others, or just speaking your mind, Blogger is the site to go to. They have so many different things you can do here, From the profile pictures, to the personalized layouts, and if you're really techy, or have a friend that's good with html codes and layout ccs feeds, they have an editor that you can enter in codes and tweak virtually any part of your page to look however you want it to, from the colors to the size of the letters, and the font!

NOW........For the Blog Shout-Outs!

First we have the most incredible! The author of this page has helped me from the beginning with my blog, so I have to make a personal shout out to her for all that she's done, thank you! Besides that, she helps people all over, she does awesome reviews and giveaways, and keeps you up to date on the newest kid stuff! She does everything from movie reviews to pajamas, and she's amazing at what she does! Check her out, you will instantly fall in love with her blog!

Next up we have! These ladies are your go-to gals for everything coupons and savings! They give you the most up to date information on all of the coupons that are floating around out there, in-store, online, wherever! They do giveaways as well, and they show off their couponing skills like no other, full of photos and transactions, all the way down to their OOP, Out Of Pocket cost after applying their coupons and sales. They are quite informative as well, with tabs on their site on Couponing for Beginners, How to Stack Coupons, and so on. They are amazing women, and just like Thrifty Nifty Mommy, are here to help everyone!

Last but certainly not least, is! This woman knows her nail polish! She does amazing reviews on every nail polish that ever existed, very informative and beautiful photos to boot. If you are a fellow lacquer lover, this blog is the place to be! She occasionally does giveaways as well, but I go to her blog everyday to see what new and inventive ideas she has come up with, she is a nail art guru!

Well, that's it for my first edition of Shout-Out Fridays! In the coming weeks I plan to add more than three of each, but for now I will stick to this scheme, until I get the hang of this idea.

Well, everyone have a great weekend, I will see you all again for Edition 2 of Shout-Out Fridays, and until next time, ~*~Blessed Be~*~ )o(

Disclaimer: None of these sites or blogs paid me to endorse them, this is of my own personal choice, and my personal views on each site.


  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out! Happy I was able to help you!

  2. Thanks so much. I am not sure why I just saw this. Thanks again, and now there's pressure on me to come up with new innovative nail art. :P

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