Saturday, May 19, 2012

An insightful post from Wiccan By Nature on Facebook:

Apple Love Magick

*If there's more than one potential lover, peel an apple and remove the seeds. Place a wet 

seed seed on your cheek for each potential lover. The last one that remains is the one for 


*Carve a heart into an apple and eat it to bring true love into your life.

*Peel an apple, keeping the peel as long as you can. Drop it to the floor and the letter it 

creates is said to be the initial of your true love's name.

*Cut an apple into 9 pieces. Sit in a dark room and at midnight, stare into a mirror & eat 

the pieces. When you get to the 9th piece, toss it over your shoulder. When this is done, 

the face of your true love will appear in the mirror.

*Add loving feelings to your relationship by cutting an apple in half and share a half with 

your partner.

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